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Terms & Conditions

1. Please Book taxi from above given numbers only, if driver try to gave you any other number then company will not be responsible for any mishappening.
2. In Delay due to vehicle breakdown, we will not be responsible for any charges like airport delay or hotel booking.
3. Maximum Hours taken from Ludhiana to Delhi is 7 Hours.
4. Time will be counted after taxi reached on your gate.
5. Customer are responsible for their own luggage.
6. Booking cancellation and refund will be liable on that particular date.
7. After 30min. Waiting Charges will be applicable.
8. Cancellation Time is 4hour prior the time of booking otherwise 50% cancellation charges will be applicable.
9. If there is any delay due to late customer flight, company will not be responsible for any type of booking confirmation.
10. Pick point timing will be 6min. if there is any delay customer will pay airport charges.

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